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All Types Of Filter Cloth, Nylon, Polyester, HDPE, Polypropylene, Non Woven From 8-500, Mesh & Upto 5 Microns, Also Dust Collector Bags & Filter Pads

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Automobile Filters, Aquaculture, Abrasives, Breweries, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Board Mills, Adhesives, Dust Collectors, Dyes, Fertilizers, Flour Mills, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Paper Industries, Food Industries,  Screen Printing, Sugar Industries, Vacuum & Water Filters, Air Filters, Oil Filters, HEPA Filters, Separators, Scaffolding Nets, Geo Textiles, Membranes, Protective Apparels, Disposable Apparels, Shopping Bags, Pollution Control, Safety & hygeine Products. Also suitable for dry & wet filtrations  Etc. As is evident, we have a wide range of qualities to meet any requirement in various fields of applications.

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Blow Room units Nylon Filter Fabrics, Polyester Filter Fabrics, HDPE Filter Fabrics, Polypropylene Filter Fabrics, Mumbai, India Oil Filters
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Advantages of Our Fabrics

1] Import Substitute : No more import hassles from foreign countries as our products are equivalent to foreign products 2] Minimum Quantity : We can supply small quantities also where by you can save your investment. 3]  Economical : Our indigenously manufactured fabric is definitely much cheaper than the imported fabrics. 4] Durability : Taking benefit of our in house laboratory, you can obtain a comparative test result of the material You are currently using against ours for various technical parameters, you will observe that our fabric definitely has a longer lifespan as compared to most of the imported fabrics in use, apart from being better in any other properties. Our fabrics have a good dimensional stability are easy to maintain. Synthetic fabrics are inherently inert by nature hence they are not affected by various chemicals as well as a lot of atmospheric contaminants. Also there is no question of corrosion as in the metallic fabrics


High Resolution

Reliable Long Life

Best Re- productivity

Comprehensive Range

Control Uniform Quality

High Sieving Performance

High Precision / Fine Accuracy